December 18, 2017

"Owner was reliable and honest. Hard to find repairmen you can trust, and I would definitely user Gil again!"
May 1, 2017

He drove 60 miles…

"Replaced broken spring and all door hardware. He drove 60 miles and got there the same day when I couldn't get anyone closer to come for a couple of days. We were leaving on a trip and couldn't get the door open."
January 1, 2017

Professional competence…

"The door seemed completely frazzled. It seemed inoperable. Gil, the company owner, was amazing. He completely resolved the operational issues in less than an hour. Actually, enhanced the operation of the door and added necessary weatherstripping at the base of the door. The door is over 32 years old but now - works quietly and precisely. Every aspect of evaluation deserves an "A" due to the professional competence of the owner."