Do You Need a Septic System Inspection?

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With proper care and maintenance, septic systems can last for years. Unfortunately, many property owners neglect septic system care and are left having to deal with a variety of system issues as a result. Even with proactive maintenance and preventative services, septic systems often exhibit signs of problems over time that can result in reduced capacity, plumbing issues and even serious property damage. With all of this in mind, it’s important to understand when to get a septic system inspection.

Septic system inspection basics

To determine when a septic system inspection is necessary, it’s important to understand some of the basics of what these inspections entail. There are a couple different types of septic system inspections that might be performed depending on the circumstances and specifics of the septic system.

A visual inspection is a basic inspection that’s used to assess the health of a septic system in general and identify any clear signs of damage or complications. A full inspection is a far more comprehensive inspection that’s designed to reveal issues and damage that might be hidden within a system. Full inspections include visual assessments of a system, in addition to an internal inspection to check the water level and determine which services are necessary to keep the system working properly.


Regulated by each County, the State of Texas mandates that Aerobic Septic Systems be maintained under contract that require the system be inspected 3 times per year.

In addition to required inspections, there are also other reasons to invest in a septic system inspection:

  • Property sales: Septic system inspections are often required when a property is sold to a new owner. This inspection gives the new property owner a better understanding of the condition of the septic system and whether any service or repairs will be necessary in the near future. It also helps ensure that the previous property owner is being as transparent as possible about the capacity and service history of the septic system.
  • Property development or construction: Septic system inspections are very important when preparing for development or construction on a property. It’s important to establish whether the system has the capacity to accommodate additional plumbing fixtures and drains that will be added during a renovation or construction project. In addition, an inspection allows a property owner to stake out the placement of a septic system to avoid causing any damage during the construction process.
  • Septic system issues: Inspections can reveal problems with a septic system and allow property owners to plan for necessary services and repairs. It’s important to reach out to a technician who specializes in septic system maintenance as soon as you notice any issues with your system aside from it alarming. Some common signs of septic system damage include slow draining, backflow and drain field flooding.

Call for septic system maintenance

If you’re looking for professional septic system maintenance, reach out to Countryside Construction Inc. For decades, our team has been committed to providing comprehensive septic system services, including routine inspections and preventative maintenance services. If you’re concerned about your system’s performance, or you’re simply looking for a routine maintenance appointment, our team is here to help. Reach out today to schedule service!

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