Choosing a Septic System Design

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Septic systems are a great option for property owners who don’t have access to municipal utility services, but it’s important to ensure that your system has the capacity to meet all your needs. There are lots of different septic system designs that offer different benefits, depending on the needs of home and business owners and the topography of the property. If you’re planning septic system installation for your home or business, keep reading to find out more about how to choose the ideal design.

Septic system designs

Understanding more about some of the most common septic system designs can help you determine which option is best for your situation. Here is some more information about the two basic options for septic system design:

  • Aerobic systems: Aerobic systems aren’t the most popular option for property owners, but they do offer some benefits. These systems are more complicated than other septic system designs and include a trash tank, a treatment tank and a pump tank. First, wastewater enters the trash tank and separates into different layers. After the trash tank, water is sent to the treatment tank, where it is aerated to keep the bacteria in the system alive. Aeration allows bacteria to break down the waste before the water is sent to the pump tank for further chemical treatment.
  • Conventional systems: Conventional septic systems are very common on commercial and residential properties. Unlike aerobic systems, conventional systems work with very little oxygen in the tank. These systems include an underground septic system that holds wastewater and allows it to settle into three levels: scum, effluent and solid waste. The solid waste sinks to the bottom of the tank, the scum settles at the top and the effluent is pushed out of the system to the drain field.

Choosing the right septic system

Both conventional and aerobic septic systems are designed with the same purpose in mind, but there are some key differences to consider before choosing which one is right for your property. Aerobic systems are more complicated than conventional systems and, as a result, they tend to cost quite a bit more to install. However, many property owners find the extra cost to be worth it. Aerobic septic systems have advanced features, including alarm systems that indicate when the system is damaged or malfunctioning. This can help property owners handle repairs and maintenance more proactively. On the other hand, conventional systems are a good option for property owners who want a reliable system without breaking the bank.

Septic system installation

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